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O/Z - Atlante di un viaggio teatrale (Atlas of a theatre journey)
exhibition, photographs by Enrico Fedrigoli
opening on April 5th, h. 18: guided tour with Andrea Cortellessa and Luigi De Angelis
April 15th, h. 18: guided tour with Chiara Lagani
Bologna, 5 - 21 April 2012, MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna
Atlante Rosso (red atlas)
atlantic table of Santarcangelo 40
composed by Fanny & Alexander and Nicola Fagnani, with the contribution of Maria Erbacci and the participants of the workshop H. ALFAVITA#2 – Immagini della realtà (Atlante) and the artists of the festival
guided tours by the artists of the festival:
Friday July 16th Fagarazzi & Zuffelato
Saturday July 17th Portage
Sunday July 18th Cosmesi - Eva Geatti and Silvia Calderoni - Strike
Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rimini), Santarcangelo 40, 15, 16, 17, 18 July 2010
! - GRANDE TAVOLA ATLANTICA (great atlas table)
photographs Enrico Fedrigoli
setting up by Luigi de Angelis, Enrico Fedrigoli, Michela Ribul Moro
Ravenna, Ravenna Viso-In-Aria, Nobodaddy 2009/2010, Artificerie AlmagiĆ , with the support of Comune di Ravenna - Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanilil, 18, 19, 20 May 2010, finissage on Thursday 20 with a guided tour by Linda Selmin and a djset by Chris (Bronson Produzioni)
a photograph installation by Fanny & Alexander and Enrico Fedrigoli
ideation Luigi de Angelis and Enrico Fedrigoli
photographs Enrico Fedrigoli
Bruxelles (Belgium), Archipel #0, Les Brigittines, 18, 19, 20 June 2009
Gli enigmi di Ada (the enigmas of Ada)
a photograph exhibition by Enrico Fedrigoli
Torino, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Cavallerizza Reale, 7 June 2006
Habemus papam?
installation for video and sound devices
a travelling photograph exhibition of imperial icons and findings (218 a.C. - 2006 a.C. appr.) by Enrico Fedrigoli
Ada, a family chronicle
N, O, X
planetary installation
event included into Fanny & Alexander's project for Ravenna Festival and Comune di Ravenna "Night of the solstice", a path through the Planetarium and its gardens, under the stars, for the 20th anniversary of Planetario di Ravenna; the programme includes "Sostanza notte", readings from "La Notte" by Giorgio Manganelli, voice by Paola Baldini (Loggetta Lombardesca) and "Au bout de la nuit", music by O.Messiaen, A.Skrjabin, F.Chopin, piano Matteo Ramon Arevalos (gardens of Loggetta Lombardesca)
Ravenna, "Ravenna Festival", Planetario, 21 June 2005
Ada, a family chronicle
Rebus for Ada

installation for 16 mm.
Ada, a family chronicle
Villa Venus (The garden of delights)

boudoir for video and ondes Martenot
Ada, a family chronicle
Speak, memory, speak

by Fanny & Alexander and Zapruder Filmmakersgroup
freely inspired by "Transparent Things" by V. Nabokov
written by: Chiara Lagani
direction: Luigi de Angelis
photography: David Zamagni, Monaldo Moretti
filming and edit: David Zamagni, Monaldo Moretti, Nadia Ranocchi
musics: Vincent Gallo
sounds and remix: Luigi de Angelis
with: Marco Cavalcoli
production: XING and TTV Festival/Performing Arts on Screen 2002
Riccione (Rimini), "TTV Festival", Grand Hotel, 31 May 2002 (Italian landscapes#2 – lounge theatre)
Polverigi (Ancona), "XXV International Festival Inteatro", 13 July 2002 (ipnagogia)
Animali del sogno
(Animals of the dream)
by Fanny & Alexander
photographies: Enrico Fedrigoli
Prato, "Alveare", Museo Pecci, 25 May 2001
Peep Show
by Luigi de Angelis and Gerardo Lamattina
production: Teddy Bear Company
Riccione (Rimini), Cocoricò, May 1996
Ba'al Zebub
by Luigi de Angelis and Gerardo Lamattina
production: Teddy Bear Company
Riccione (Rimini), Cocoricò, May 1996

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