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In 2011 and 2012 Fanny & Alexander will carry out a project starting from the works (Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Revolt in the desert and The Mint) and the historical figure of Thomas Edward Lawrence, mostly known as Lawrence of Arabia. For this project they will avail themselves of the cooperation of the production, research and musical didactics Tempo Reale (, of the compositions by Mirto Baliani (with whom they created almost all their shows in the last 7 years), of linguistic and literary consultants (Algerian writer Tahar Lamri and critic Rodolfo Sacchettini), of the atelier of scenery project and realization from Ravenna Ardis Lab (directed by Nicola Fagnani). The concept of the project is by Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani, the dramaturgy and the costumes by Chiara Lagani, the direction, the scenes and the lights by Luigi de Angelis.

The project will be developed into three directions:

1) T.E.L.: a show for 2 actors (début: June 2011)
2) 338171 TEL: a radio drama (début: June 2011)
3) Revolt in the desert: a show for 10 performers and 5 writers (début: 2013)

- Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
- Ravenna Festival
- Fanny & Alexander and Tempo Reale


download the PDF of the project


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