Alfavita is an inquiry into the mysterious structures of languages.

The form of the inquiry Alfavita, for Fanny & Alexander and their collaborators, is the form of workshop. Being closed inside a physical and mental place with a team of workers of the imagination, without limits of age, without indications referring to the specific or personal vocations, will give an unconditioned and open idea of this effort.

The Alfavita workshops, intensive workshops for actors, dramaturgists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and visual artists, but also addressed to whoever simply wishes to approach the practice of theatre work, are a kind of small language tesseras, something tiny, very technical, very nourishing and vitaminic. Each Alfavita workshop is initialled by a letters of one of the existing alphabets and dedicated to a specific horizon of linguistic and poetic inquiry, which also defines the series to which they belong. With linguistic inquiry we mean a work carried out on a code (verbal, musical, luminous, rhythmic, visual) with relation to specific preliminary questions or instructions, addressed to the participants on the first day of work. In fact, the Alfavita series were born as moments, whose management is often shared with other artists, where themes connected to the poetics of the company and its works are proposed to the partecipants and intensively investigated together with them. The module usually contemplates about twenty working hours distributed over three, maximum four days.Some Alfavita series already realized are: the one dedicated to rebus with relation to the project on Ada (the novel by Nabokov which inspired a whole three-year period of the group’s work); the OZ.Alfavita series, dedicated to the Oz project, the series “Active Testimony” and “Images of reality”, still ongoing, conceived and managed with the critic group Altre Velocità, and finally the most recent one on Lawrence of Arabia, Fanny & Alexander’s current object of inquiry, “TE.Alfavita”.

Since 2005, the workshops have been taking place in several seats in Italy and abroad. Since 2009, Fanny Alexander has also been carrying out a series of workshops co-managed with one or more artists hosted in the venues Ardis Hall and Almagià in Ravenna.


Series of workshops Alfavita by Fanny & Alexander, with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna


Map and stack! (nuovi procedimenti di scrittura) (new procedures of writing)
workshop for actors and dramaturgists held by Pietro Babina, Jonny Costantino and Chiara Lagani
Ravenna, 3, 4, 5 February 2012, Nobodaddy 2011/2012, Teatro delle Albe - Ravenna Teatro

H#4 Alfavita - Immagini della realtà (Il Frammento) (Images of reality - The Fragment)
workshop for actors and witnesses held by Menoventi with the participation of Altre Velocità and Fanny & Alexander
Ravenna, 22, 23, 24 March 2012, Nobodaddy 2011/2012, Teatro delle Albe - Ravenna Teatro

L.Alfavita#1 - Discorso (Speech)
workshop for actors held by Chiara Lagani
Ravenna, 27, 28, 29 April 2012, Nobodaddy 2011/2012, Teatro delle Albe - Ravenna Teatro

Colore per Discorso (Color for Speech)
workshop for actors held by Chiara Lagani
Montescudo (Rimini), 5, 6 May 2012, Oltremisura 2012, L'Attoscuro Teatro

OZ. ALFAVITA – E (La confessione) (The confession)
workshop for actors held by Chiara Lagani and Marco Cavalcoli
Sao Paulo (Brazil), 23,24,25 luglio 2012, SESC Belenzinho

OZ. ALFAVITA – E (Eterodirezione) (Hetero-direction)
workshop for actors held by Chiara Lagani and Gina Monaco (Kinkaleri)
Prato, 4,5,6 October 2012, Contemporanea festival 2012, Kinkaleri


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