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      One-act opera for voice and pedonium*
      NORTH di Enrico Fedrigoli

production Opera Futura Laboratori per un Nuovo Teatro Musicale, Teatro Comunale di Ferrara
in co-production with Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Teatro Comunale di Modena, Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
with the contribution of Regione Emilia Romagna Assessorato alla Cultura Sport e Progetto giovani and Ministero della Gioventù in the context of Accordo di Programma Quadro GECO - Giovani Evoluti e Consapevoli
in collaboration with Centrale Fies (Dro - Trento), Les Brigittines (Bruxelles), Music Biennale Zagreb (Zagreb)

concept Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani
direction, set, lighting design Luigi de Angelis
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
sound design Mirto Baliani
costumes Chiara Lagani and Sofia Vannini

with Chiara Lagani

singing and preverbal sounds Roberta Guidi
scene movements Marco Cavalcoli and Nicola Fagnani
sound technician Marco Parollo

scenery project Nicola Fagnani (Atelier OperaOvunque)
scenery realization Atelier OperaOvunque with Danilo Dell’Oca, Nicola Fagnani, Luca Karpati, Andrea Lepri, Marco Parollo, Amir Sharif-pour
scenery and technical consultant Pietro Babina
vocal training (functional method of voice) Roberta Guidi
mimic training (Facial Action Coding System) Marco Cavalcoli
tailoring Laura Graziani Alta Moda
project and programmation HMI (human-machine interface) of the pedonium Mirko Fabbri
production assistant Marian Vanzetto
production office Ifat Nesher for Canvas Management with Marco Cavalcoli
promotion Valentina Ciampi, Marco Molduzzi and Ifat Nesher
eyes office Lorenzo Donati
logistics Sergio Carioli
administration Marco Cavalcoli and Debora Pazienza
with thanks to with thanks to Danjel Andersson for Perfect Performance (Stockholm)
with special thanks to Barbara Boninsegna and Dino Sommadossi with the whole staff of Centrale Fies

Opera Futura Laboratori per un Nuovo Teatro Musicale is a project conceived and coordinated by Giordano Montecchi

*electronic musical instrument with a big floor-like keyboard practicable by one or more musicians

      “North” is an opera that, with “South”, is part of Opera Futura, a project promoted by Regione Emilia Romagna whose first purpose is implementing an effective cooperation among opera theatres and research companies active in the regional territory.
The two shows, a revisitation of opera’s languages, are the prosecution of the pluriennial research F&A is dedicating to “The Wizard of Oz”.
The protagonist, Dorothy, an avatar of the audience, is catapulted by her cyclone South and then North of the fantastic universe where her journey-adventure takes place.
Both the shows start from the Wizard’s well-known question: “I am Oz the great and powerful who are you?”
“North” is one of the two possible musical answers by two possible Dorothies.
It is is founded on a new and utopic musical instrument, the pedonium: a big “keyboard”, a very peculiar synthesizer.
It is a damaged floor, as if it was restless, maybe a disused stage, maybe a work of art.
From these floor boards, a sort of giant keys, voices, melodies, preverbal sounds, light phenomena and ghost of sounds burst out.
The protagonist, Dorothy, “plays” that floor crossing and walking it until it produces a proper musical score.
Starting from an initial research on opera’s great tradition, a real journey into sound, a descent through voice into the most intimate part of the self take place.

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