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dal progetto Oz di/from the Oz project by Fanny & Alexander, Teatro Comunale, Ferrara, Italia/Italy (23-09-2009)

con/with Chiara Lagani, drammaturgia/dramaturgy Chiara Lagani, regia, scene e luci/direction, set and light design Luigi de Angelis, musiche/music Mirto Baliani

riprese/shootings Marian Vanzetto


1.1 Richiesta a Oz 1a parte/Request to Oz 1st part

1.2 Richiesta a Oz 2a parte/Request to oz 2nd part

1.3 Ciclone/Cyclone

1.4 Incontro col Leone/Meeting with the Lion

1.5 Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

1.6 Incontro col Tin Man/Meeting with the Tin Man

1.7 Incontro con lo Spaventapasseri/Meeting with the Scarecrow


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