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      Ubu Award 2010 for the best leading actress to Francesca Mazza
      Audience Award 2010-2011 - Teatri di Vita

production Fanny & Alexander, Festival delle Colline Torinesi

concept Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani
dj-set Mirto Baliani
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
texts Chiara Lagani and Francesca Mazza
costumes Chiara Lagani and Sofia Vannini
direction, set Luigi de Angelis

with Francesca Mazza
hidden persuaders Marco Cavalcoli and Chiara Lagani

scenery and technical realization Nicola Fagnani (Atelier OperaOvunque) with Giovanni Cavalcoli and Simonetta Venturini
tailoring Marta Benini
promotion and press office Valentina Ciampi and Marco Molduzzi
logistics Sergio Carioli
administration Marco Cavalcoli e Debora Pazienza
with thanks to Ravenna Teatro - Teatro delle Albe, Davide Sacco

      “West” is the outermost cardinal point in the story of the Wizard of Oz. The audience will be “imprisoned” together with Dorothy by a strange kind of spell, a trap of language which at times stops the faculty to express an opinion, the possibility to make a choice, to say yes or no to the things that will be proposed here.
The work, centred on the techniques of subtle manipulation of the advertising language, will intersect mythical themes to themes connected to contemporaneity, chronicle and the great emblems of the West.
Here the audience are consumers, the objects of continuous stimuli and the subtle plot of a concealed persuasion unceasingly weaved against them, the prisoners and, at the very same time, the ones capable of unhinging the cage in which they were dropped: carefully going down into the deep well where the trick of the “witch”, the sophisticated techniques of mass media communication precipitate, means undertaking the ascent and, at the very same time, taking the risk of not coming back.
“West” will be a sort of contradictory parable, a metaphor of contemporary imagery and its drifts, of the power that images exercise on us.
In the background the West and its symbols, and the tortured and yet incredibly “normal” body of our society.

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