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      26, 27, 28 July 2008, Forgia, Centrale Fies, Drodesera FIES

production Fanny & Alexander and Drodesera/Fies
with the cooperation of Les Brigittines, Bruxelles
with the contribution of POGAS - Politiche Giovanili e Attività Sportive

concept Chiara Lagani and Luigi de Angelis
photographs Enrico Fedrigoli
music Mirto Baliani
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
costumes Chiara Lagani and Sofia Vannini
morse choreography Luigi de Angelis and Koen De Preter
direction, set, lighting design Luigi de Angelis

with Koen De Preter
and with Chey Chankethya
voice of Oz Marco Cavalcoli

iron portal's realization and planning Massimo Paci
forgia's setting up Mirto Baliani, Valerio Barzotti, Marco Bombardelli, Marco Cavalcoli, Luigi de Angelis, Marco Molduzzi
super8 shots Luigi de Angelis
super8 editing Cesare Comandini
assistant director Elizabeth Annable
promotion Valentina Ciampi, Marco Molduzzi
press office Marco Molduzzi
logistics Sergio Carioli
administration Marco Cavalcoli, Debora Pazienza

With thanks to Ong Keng Sen, Theatre Works, Nicola Fagnani, Symrise GmbH & Co.
With special thanks to Barbara Boninsegna and Dino Sommadossi.


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