Theatre Performances
      Ada, a family chronicle
      concert for voices, piano, ondes Martenot or flute and sound devices

music from Ardis I and Ardis II
orchestration: Luigi de Angelis
dramaturgy: Chiara Lagani
piano: Matteo Ramon Arevalos
ondes Martenot: Bruno Perrault
flute: Filippo Mazzoli
sound devices: Mirto Baliani
voices: Paola Baldini, Marco Cavalcoli, Chiara Lagani, Sara Masotti, Francesca Mazza
production: Fanny & Alexander, Ravenna Festival

The excerpts from Vladimir Nabokov’s works, translated in Italian by Margherita Crepax, are used in accordance with The Vladimir Nabokov Estate


Adescamenti is a project originally conceived in two different parts for Ravenna Festival. During the two days of Botteghe del Teatro in 2004, the audience of the Festival could attend a workshop in the afternoon and a concert in the evening. The workshop and the concert are actually two separate events, both representing at the same time a kind of instigation, an oblique and transverse invitation to deepen the piece of art, but from a different point of view.

Adescamenti can also be seen as a net of allusive sensory correspondences, a place where different temperature gradients mix, a collection of impressions that are deeply rooted in the relationship between literature, theatre and music, as well as in the spectator’s synesthetic perception of them. The spectator finds himself surrounded by various traces, on a road where the signs are to be guessed, involved in a journey which has to be restored. And the traces left behind, like Little Tom Thumb’s pebbles, correspond to Ada’s baits, traps and adescamenti (enticements).

  the concert   The repertory consists of the pieces of music taken from Ardis I and Ardis II. This is precisely the musical path that was started two years ago in relation to the project on Ada, a family chronicle. The extracts are transcriptions and rewritings of some twentieth-century composers, played in the same way as they are proposed in the performances, that is, closely connected to the written page. In this concert, the actor’s voice is thus used as a musical instrument, together with the piano, the ondes Martenot and the sound devices.
A different adaptation for piano and flute can be performed, using the original scorings of the pieces when not transcripted for ondes Martenot in Ardis I and Ardis II.



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