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      Ada, a family chronicle
      concert for voices, piano, ondes Martenot or flute, video and sound devices

orchestration: Luigi de Angelis
dramaturgy: Chiara Lagani
video images: Zapruder filmmakersgroup
puzzle consultant: Stefano Bartezzaghi
piano: Matteo Ramon Arevalos
ondes Martenot: Bruno Perrault
flute: Filippo Mazzoli
sound devices: Mirto Baliani
with: Paola Baldini, Marco Cavalcoli, Chiara Lagani, Sara Masotti, Francesca Mazza

The excerpts from Vladimir Nabokov's works, translated in Italian by Margherita Crepax, are used in accordance with The Vladimir Nabokov Estate


It is a concert/installation, the last stage of the three-years project "Ada, a family chronicle" dedicated to V. Nabokov's novel Ada or ardor, that made its début in Milano on 2006 July 13th at the Festival "La Milanesiana" directed by Elisabetta Sgarbi.
On stage five actors and two musicians performing a scoring for voices, piano and flute (or ondes Martenot), with textual and musical excerpts from other dwellings of the project "Ada, a family chronicle", presented with new modalities: for the first time the video plays a central role in the orchestration, offering a different conceptual order.

In fact, the video-rebus realized with the cooperation of Stefano Bartezzaghi is one of the conceptual cores of "Promenada", as a new reflection on the relationship between words and images in motion, between language and music.

The theme of word-play and the reflection on language put in this new perspective all the components giving birth to the "linguistic" scoring, from the recitative-vocal to the musical and visual ones.



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