Theatre performances - Ardis I (Les Enfants maudits)

      Technical rider

It is a small wooden room equipped with a roof and covered with wallpaper, to be fitted in architectonic contexts such as historical dwellings, ancient villas, foyers, aristocratic and noble places.

The room (width: m. 3,5; depth: m. 2,7; height: m. 3) has to be perceived as an actual part of the context it is fitted in, and has to give the idea of a continuity between the two spaces.
In case the room is much smaller than the place where it’s fitted in, we need black wings and a black fly to cover the space around the room (on both sides and above the roof); in particular cases, an additional scenographical work with wooden panels and wallpaper can be necessary.
We need a minimum practicable space around the walls of the room, so the overall minimum spatial requirements are: width m. 5,5; depth m. 8; height: m. 4.

It’s fundamental that the audience is placed on a small tribune for reasons related to visibility: in case it’s not, the audience’s heads would obstruct the view. As for the arrangement of the audience, it cannot be more than m. 4,5 wide and m. 8 deep.

N.B. We can provide for a “theatrical” adaptation in case it’s not possible to find a suitable place: the theatre has to be very small, if possible an Italian-style one. In this case the room becomes m. 6 wide and m. 1,5 deep, and it has a ceiling. There's a minimum practicable space around the staging, and in this case we need m. 2 between our stage and the audience; the overall minimum spatial requirements are: width m. 8; depth m. 8; height m. 4.

The arrangement of the audience is always to be verified: on-the-spot investigations or a proper video and photographical documentation about the venue are necessary. In any case, depending on the hosting place, black wings and a black fly are required.

  Lights   Digital Dimmers (24 channels), nr. 2 pin-spots (Par 36), nr. 11 1000W profiles are required with "frost" filters. The other lights are an integral part of the staging (halogen lights and Leds). It’s necessary that the DMX cable reaches our mixing board in the consolle (Martin Proscenium DMX), so a mixing board for the lights is not required.
  Sound   The company is completely self-sufficient, with regard both to the consolle and to the amplification. For the theatrical adaptation we only require two additional D. & B. speakers or similar (Mayer Sound or Axis), nr. 2 subwoofers: all the speakers and subwoofers will receive separate signals. We also require a condenser microphone (very important for the ondes Martenot’s monitor).
  Video   With regard to the consolle the company is completely self-sufficient. A 42” plasma screen without frame, without brackets and without speakers, equipped with hooks (a “bulk” model from a service, not for domestic use), Hantarex or similar (Samsung, Panasonic, JVC) with BNC plug is required. We require to be in informed about its measures in advance, because it has to be set in the staging behind a glass panel.
  Piano   A Yamaha C3 piano or similar is required; it has to be equipped with tonal pedal, not longer than m. 2 (in the places with the minimum practicable space around the staging) and with the A tuned on 442 Hzs. A further chair for the ondes Martenot’s player is required.
  Consolle   The direction table (lights, sound and video) has to be placed at the end of the tribune for the audience, in a central position. A m. 3 long and m. 1 wide table and 3 chairs or stools (due to reasons of visibility) are required.

Nr. 3 ladders and nr. 2 electric screwers are required.

With regard to the standard adaptation of the show, with no need of scenographical changes, we need one day before the first performance; in particular cases, minimum two days. All the technical requirements have to be satisfied beginning from the first day of the setting-up.

Two stagehands, an electrician, a sound technician are required beginning from the first day of the setting-up. The disassembling, if possible, has to take place the day after the latest performance and it lasts about two hours.

  Bill of costs  

Travel expenses for 11 persons (one of them travels by car from Strasbourg in France with the ondes Martenot). The technical crew is composed of 4 persons arriving the evening before the first day of the setting-up. The other 7 persons arrive the day before the first performance for the general rehearsal.

Accommodation expenses for 11 persons (double or single rooms); the modalities are to be discussed with the company.

Transportation expenses; the staging will be transported by a rented truck. If possible, this estimate includes the travel expenses for 2 members of the technical crew.

  Recordings   Every shot or video recording of the show has to be discussed with the company, and has to be implemented the day of the first performance; photographs will not be allowed neither for newspapers nor for archives: it will only be possible to use the photographs supplied by the company, on condition that the photographer Enrico Fedrigoli is mentioned. No live broadcast is allowed during the performance without the company’s consent.
      Ask Figaro for information about the technical rider
      Ask Scrooge for information about the budget

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