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      Alice vietato > 18 anni di Enrico Fedrigoli

concept: Chiara Lagani and Luigi de Angelis
direction, set, lighting design and music: Luigi de Angelis
dramaturgy and costumes: Chiara Lagani
with: Virginiasofia Casadio, Sara Masotti and Marco Molduzzi
scenery and technical realization: Claudio Pamelin, Sara Masotti, Marco Molduzzi, Simone Gardini, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba and Marco Cavalcoli
tailoring: Laura Graziani Alta Moda
fitings and paper dress: Monia Strada and Manuela Ballot
photographies: Enrico Fedrigoli
promotion: Sergio Carioli
press office: Marco Molduzzi
administration: Antonietta Sciancalepore and Marco Cavalcoli
production: Fanny & Alexander and CRT - Centro di Ricerca per il Teatro di Milano, with the cooperation of Xing and Ravenna Teatro, with the contribution of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna
with thanks to Luigi Ceccarelli, Âniko Ferreira da Silva, Francesco and Massimiliano Borghesi, Zapruder filmmakersgroup


this wonderland is a wunderkammer, a small room, an almost dreadful and transfigured classroom,
it is the device of alice’s real subjective shot:
it offers protection, but unconditionally exposing to view at the same time.

it is an impeccable structure of terror and wonder:
there is one point of view
one land where
every dreamed image, blending with reality,
appears as always soaked
in hostile and fraudolent
omnipotence: childhood


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