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      lecture/show by and with Luigi de Angelis
      VARIO/Koen De Preter by Enrico Fedrigoli

by and with Luigi de Angelis
sound devices: Mirto Baliani
video images: Zapruder Filmmakersgroup
photographs: Enrico Fedrigoli
from the project Heliogabalus
promotion: Marco Molduzzi, Valentina Ciampi
press office: Marco Molduzzi
logistics: Sergio Carioli
administration: Antonietta Sciancalepore, Marco Cavalcoli


In the secret little room or corridor where I stand every day waiting for a new epiphany, how does the figure show itself? How does it infect itself? By means of what? Which reservoir does it come from? How does it condition the creative act? Is the figure univocal or dynamic? Which horizon is it silhouetted against? How does it get complicated? Every show is the temporary manifestation or the public and collective offering of a distillate that becomes incarnate in the figure, while the secret room or corridor keeps on producing new epiphanies... How does it fit in with the variegated atlas of poetic process?

Vario is the attempt to show little by little the atlas of figures taking shape around the pivotal figure of the adolescent in power, Heliogabalus. In Vario, by means of demonstrative physical acts, a video blackboard, a school desk and some objects, I pass in review the crucial steps of our latest production, Heliogabalus: our work with the actors on the language-body, the forming and the attributes of the threefold and undefinable imperial figure.

Luigi de Angelis


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