Ravenna viso-in-aria
      Ravenna viso-in-aria

pictures by Enrico Fedrigoli
edited by Luigi de Angelis and Marco Martinelli
texts by Marco Martinelli, Claudio Spadoni, Cristina Ventrucci, Luigi de Angelis
conversations with Cristina Mazzavillani Muti and Enrico Fedrigoli
Angelo Longo Editore Ravenna
completely bi-lingual edition italian / english
"Musica Cinema Immagine Teatro", n. 34, pp. 240, ISBN 88-8063-390-2


Viso-in-aria (face uplifted) is an anagram of visionaria (visionary), a pun from Marco Martinelli's A Midsummer Night's Dream which is a "down-writing" of Shakespeare's masterpiece. And the Ravenna that passes before our eyes in Enrico Fedrigoli's surprising images is viso-in-aria, proud of its roots and its present: industrial architecture and monuments, pinewoods and theatres, the archaic and the technological, places that fluctuate as in dreams.

The photos are interwoven with stories and interviews that delineate the singularity of this small provincial town, once capital of an Empire, today epicentre of what theatre critics have defined "Romagna felix": the 'politttttttical' course taken by the Albe, the flame of Cristina Muti and her Festival, the town theatres, the visual imagination (and everything related thereto) in the words of Cristina Ventrucci and Claudio Spadoni, the iconic glance of Luigi de Angelis and Fanny & Alexander.

Within the frame and at the same time with the exemplary "prologue" of Carl Gustav Jung's singular experience during his visit to Ravenna in the 1920's when, in the Orthodox Baptistery, he saw with his own eyes"a mosaic that wasn't there".

(translation by David Smith)


The authors wish to thank the Commune of Ravenna and EniPower for the concrete support that made this publication possible.

For their much appreciated collaboration: Matteo Ramon Arevalos, Cristina Bonfanti, Bruno Briccolani, Renzo Brunelli, Claudia Busetti, Maria Enrica Carbognin, Sergio Carioli, Marco Cavalcoli, Chiara Lagani, Ermanna Montanari, Giovanni Montanari, Alessandro Morini, Paula Noah de Angelis, Michela Ribul Moro, Fausto Valmori.

For permission to publish the photographs: Ravenna Port Authority, Cabot, Decora, Degussa, Eni Divisione Agip - District of Ravenna, Hera, Hydro Agri Italia, Lonza, Polimeri Europa, Sapir, Setramar, Ravenna Containers Terminal.

  public presentations  

18 May 2004
Lille (France)
La Librairie Internationale en VO
with Luigi de Angelis, Alberto Cassani, Enrico Fedrigoli, Roberto Magnani, Anna Mondavio
with the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute of Lille

17 May 2004
Roubaix (France)
Le Garage - Théatre de l'Oiseau-Mouche
with Luigi de Angelis, Alberto Cassani, Enrico Fedrigoli, Roberto Magnani, Anna Mondavio, Didier Thibaut

18 November 2003
Sala D'Attorre di Casa Melandri
with Luigi de Angelis, Alberto Cassani, Enrico Fedrigoli, Alfio Longo

11 July 2003
Santarcangelo di Romagna
Biblioteca Comunale
with Luigi de Angelis, Silvio Castiglioni, Enrico Fedrigoli, Massimo Marino, Marco Martinelli

18 June 2003
Ridotto del Teatro Alighieri
with Luigi de Angelis, Alberto Cassani, Marco Martinelli, Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, Vidmer Mercatali


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