Theatre Performances

Lo Straniero 2002 Award

Special Award 36th Festival BITEF of Belgrade 2002

Special Award of the Jury to Luigi Ceccarelli for the best Music and Sound Design at the Festival MESS of Sarajevo 2002

Special Ubu Award 2002 to Luigi Ceccarelli

      Requiem by Enrico Fedrigoli

music: "Requiem, for voices, trombone, surroundings and sound machines": Luigi Ceccarelli
concept: Chiara Lagani and Luigi de Angelis
dramaturgy: Chiara Lagani
direction, set and lighting design: Luigi de Angelis
sound design: Luigi Ceccarelli
characters: Aphrodite Queen of Hearts (Elena Sartori), Psychopomp White Rabbit (Marco Cavalcoli), Alice Psyche (Chiara Lagani), Psyche's sisters (Sara Masotti and Paola Baldini), Pan Incubus (Mirto Baliani)
photographies: Enrico Fedrigoli
video images: Zapruder Filmmakersgroup
costumes: Chiara Lagani, Laura Manzari
scenery and technical realization: Jacopo Pranzini, Sara Masotti, Claudio Pamelin, Sara Guberti, Antonio Barbadoro
advice on and research of the original texts and live Gregorian chant: Elena Sartori
trombone: Renzo Brocculi
production: Fanny & Alexander, Ravenna Festival, Kulturfabrik Kampnagel Hamburg, with the cooperation of Ravenna Teatro and CRT - Centro di Ricerca per il Teatro di Milano


“I have sent my heroine down, head-first  into a rabbit’s burrow, without knowing what would have happened next” (L.C.)

It is really hard to deal with a dream. Particulalrly when the dream in question is torn to pieces by another dream, which simply seemed to contain it at first. From  a dream like that, you awake with a desolation which is more ferocious than rapture, and it is not true that when you perceive that you are dreaming, the threads of the dream break; as a matter of fact, in those moments you decide to create, in dream, what the dream has been hinting at from the very beginning, vaguely, but with increasing precision.

So, from the bright eyes of the blindfold dream, you cannot be reached but by a strangely doubled image: the oblique stare of a myth cyclically repeating.

Everything begins from the dream of a little girl, asleep beneath a red book. The little girl dreams of the tale in her book, a tale of love and travel. The book already contains her dream, and herself sleeping, and her dreamt story.
The little girl awakes in her dream. But, o incompetence! Her story does not succeed, it seems to be frightful and laughable, and it jumps on her head like a monster or a wild beast, a lightning of elusive moments.
The mythical tale is an unceasing plot of these elusive moments, fixed to an apogee of splendour. This subitaneous and very slow rythm of travelling is peculiar to the mythical tale and its exact hyperboles.

Requiem is a classical mythical tale, a tale of love and travel, in search of an incomparable Wonder.

So, given an essential event of our life, we will recognize it in the light of the relevant myth, the myth concerning and going beyond the event itself. Miraculously, for some time, we are in its heart, we decipher it, and we follow it till the end of its tunnel, without even thinking about our way back.
We are then in the real underground, Invisible Hades.

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